Storage-Old Files

Hi! Just curious what others do… My hard drive is getting full. Until now I’ve been saving every project with all the files included and the open file. Is that really necessary? If I made a slideshow for a client a year ago, is it really necessary to save all her pictures and the open file?
Would love to hear others thoughts

yup, i keep everything, i just bought a new hard drive because the other one was getting full

I would suggest storing them on cloud- that way it doesnt block up your computer

Thank you! @adinacahn @hadassyf

I was also wondering about this.
Does the cloud have a lot of storage compared to a regular laptop hard drive?
and even if something is saved in the cloud, do I still need to keep all the linked photos on my harddrive?

cloud can crash as well- so always keep that in mind!! I have my computer backed up daily automatically with backblaze- thats my backup system, I can then access all my files from anywhere if need be AND if I have a hard drive crash (been there… done that :frowning: ) I’m hopefully not stuck. I also have dropbox which is where I send heavy video files to my clients and have projects I dont want to keep “on hand” there. I used to have an external hard drive but after that crashed once I am not great about uploading to there.
On a separate note I AM working on a desktop with 2 hard drives installed on it- A couple TB’s each so my computer is quite a machine

I don’t do videos so guessing your files take up even more room, but I have an external drive and it’s all on dropbox. That way everything is backed up + accessible everywhere, while I can still have the files on my computer (external drive) and not everything just on the cloud and downloading when I need. It’s working out great BH!

@adinacahn Is black blaze easy to use? Does it back up automatically without you having to do anything? does it cost? @goldie-mezei how do you work on dropbox? are your files stored on your computer AND dropbox or both? Or on your computer and then it syncs to dropbox cloud?

@Tali I had my computer technician set it up, It automatically updates every day and sends me a weekly report. It does cost, but very reasonable- I think around $70-$80 a year, I may be wrong with that, If you need I can look exactly after Yom Kippur.

@Tali Yes, my files are on both my computer and Dropbox. Since my actual computer was running low on space, I got an external drive so that’s where all my files are (which is what I’m referring to when I say it’s on my computer) and it’s all synced to dropbox.

You can also just make some files online only if you need more computer space, but for now I wanted everything local so I just got more space.

Happy to clarify further if you need :slight_smile:

@goldie-mezei Would you mind if I emailed you to clarify something about Dropbox?


Sure! You can email me at