Stock Photos and Video Clips Subscriptions

Does anyone have a good subscription to a stock site that they are happy with and feel is worth the price and has a lot of resources?
I know there’s Adobe stock, Shutterstock, and istock that are really good, but most of them have subscriptions that only let you download a few assets per month, which is very limiting, unless I’m missing something?

I am having a hard time finding enough stock photos and video clips for the video that I am currently making. I already spent a lot of hours looking on all the free sites and while I did find some nice ones, I still need more. I am looking for some stunning scenery pictures and clips - of gardens waterfalls and everything in between. I did see what I was looking for on the sites that I mentioned above, but I’m not sure that it’s worth
I signed up for a vecteezy subscription, but sometimes I am looking for something specific and they don’t have it.

Suggestions please!

I guess it can also be different if you work with mainly images or if you also work with video clips.

I have a subscription to deposit photos that I am very happy with.They really have a large variety of options of all different types of images and videos. The plan I am on is $300 per year and you get 30 images per month, The images roll over each month if you don’t use them all up that month. Also, I did not pay $300 the first time, I found a coupon online for half off…I am sure you can find something similar…

Motion array has a lot. you can look on their website before you subscribe

I have a subcription to storyblocks, you pay per month and its unlimited downloads. I work mostly with videos and I was very happy with them they had everything I was looking for. I was especially happy with their pics/videos of scenery and nature, they had many beautiful options! I tried many diff websites and definitely had my best experience there.

I also have one at and I’m pretty happy

I have the plan of 100 photos per year, which I can download at any point, it doesn’t go by month. I end up renewing my subscription when they have a sale for $100 for 100 images.

I’m not saying Shutterstock doesn’t win, they definitely have more options and many times nicer ones, but deposit photos almost always work perfectly!

I’ve heard of envato elements where you pay monthly for unlimited downloads of pictures, videos, mockups, fonts etc. May be worth looking into if you need the videos too

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On black friday they have great offers. Like, 100 images for $39 dollars, download anytime.
This is where i purchased it from

Try pexels for free landscaping images
I’m more than happy to buy some images for you off my adobe stock account and sell for a discounted price

How about
they have very good pricing and unlimed downloads of stock footage, music, templates etc

I have a subscriptoin by envato, its definitly worth it!

thats what I was going to say as well, with envato elements you can download videos and images , whereas some of the other subscriptions are only with images

I find to have a large selection and they are free.

My work uses - you can download 100 images a day - its really unlimited downloads but the limit per day is 100
They also have an account with but they only can only download 7 images a day