Staging Site Questions

Client is looking to redo their site - mostly design.

I took a look at their backend, and I’m thinking to switch up the builder to Elementor Pro because it’s the most flexible template for blogs (it’s a blog heavy site). I probably would also change the theme to “hello elementor” since it’s much lighter than what they currently have.

The thing is - they’re looking to publish a page at a time.

I’ll obviously be building it using a staging site - the question is, is this at all possible?
Also, any idea of a good staging plugin? Specifically looking for one that will replace the current urls (not redirect).

Thanks all!

Why not work on their current site. Start in maintenance mode and then publish as you go along

It’s unlikely you could change the theme and still publish 1 page at a time. Once you change the theme, any older page will not look right.

Why do they want to do one at a time?

They want to keep their current website up while the development is happening, that’s why maintenance mode won’t work.

They would prefer to do one at a time because they want to update asap.

Once you push the staging site live, you can keep on working on the additional pages one by one, but the old stuff won’t be there anymore


What about SEO?
They want the urls to stay the same - is this possible? Or will redirects be required.

Not any complicated pages…

Don’t want any of them to generate a new url (or even worse, something like


You can change the permalinks to match the old.
Maybe keep a copy of the sitemap/urls just in case, so you can look back.