Spam Email

The person i did my web design project for, asked me to help her with emails from the contact form which go at times into spam or promotions.
Any advice?

A frustrating issue! Have you tried the advice here?

Edit: Sorry, I just realized you were asking about emails from the contact form, not promotional emails… I’m not so experienced with that, but if they drag the emails into their primary inbox, reply to the email address it’s being sent from if that’s an option, or mark “not spam” this can help.

This topic is very complicated. We have worked on this for many years and still often end up in promotions and sometimes spam. When it comes down to it, if you are sending promotional emails, they belong in promotions, and it’s very difficult to get out of it.

Some tips:

  1. Get the recipient to reply to your email from their inbox - this will show gmail or whichever platform they are using that your messages are important.
  2. Ask the recipient to mark your messages important or drag them to their inbox, this will have a similar effect as #1.
  3. Try to write your email in a letter-like format, and limit links and images so it looks less promotional. Text-based, personal-type emails are also more read than HTML emails and often convert better, depending on the situation.
  4. Exclude recipients that haven’t opened in 6 months or so from most emails. This will up your open rate, and in turn up your sender reputation, which will hopefully get you out of spam. You want to send to an interested audience.
  5. Target emails to the right audiences, don’t send everything to everyone. This will also improve your open rate, and interest.
  6. Make sure the reply-to address is the same as the from address, otherwise it may look spammy.

Those are some things to start with, but there are many more things to play with! It’s a good idea to A/B test, experiment with emails and see what does well and what doesn’t.

We were looking into this issue, and saw advice to have the email come from instead of, because it’s more personal, but we actually found that the former were going to promotions, while the latter were going to primary! (This worked for an email that was text-based.)

Good luck!

Thank you Peninah and Shiffy!