Slideshow type videos

Does anyone have any recommendations for making bas mitzva videos/ camp videos, etc.?
It take forever to sit there keyframing every picture and you can’t charge too much for these because people don’t want to pay so much for this type.

Is there a preset for panning and zooming? or some other program other than premiere that is good for this type of thing?

yes sure …
you pan one photo then select save preset and name it…
then select the preset from the effect dropdown menu and attach to all clips you’d wish

after doing the keyframing for one image
you right click on motion, in the effect control panel
and select save preset

Ya I’ve done that but the problem is when different pictures are different sizes the scale and position will need to be different numbers, so I can’t save the preset for one size fits all.

I see that Premiere rush has an automatic panning and zooming but its annoying because you can’t do anything about the black background…

I’ve used Movie Maker for this kind of thing. It is not nearly as professional as the Adobe programs but my clients didn’t really have such high standards. It is easy to use and goes pretty quickly

I’ve also used the free Movie Maker that comes with the computer. Not mighty professional but quick and easy.

If you’d use movie maker, I’d suggest a quick little shortcut to make it still look professional, you can always bring the final video into after effects or premiere pro adn add a frame, edge, effects etc. which can pull it all together

I figured out something cool… If you use premiere rush, import all the pictures your doing, and then click automatic resizing and automatic motion. Then, you can go to premiere pro and in the home screen there is an option to open a rush project… then its a regular premiere project only it did all the motion for you already in 2 seconds
saved me hours of work!

Yay!! that’s great!!! What a timesaver :slight_smile: