Slack- what is it?

Hi all! Forgive my ignorance…

Just wondering if anyone can enlighten me on the usage of slack…
What is it??

I know a lot of people use it but I don’t actually know anything about it!
Is it a public forum like linkedin or just your own private group?

Just wondering where this all fits in hashkafa-wise… to those out there that don’t use Linkedin or Instagram…
would you use slack?

Thanks in advance!

Slack is really good for internal communication at your company and you can also communicate with outside companies through Slack Connect. Its not a public forum (closer to WhatsApp type of platform)

slack is more for the internal of ur company- not really a public thing

Its not social media. its like a chat platform where either different courses have groups or there are groups of creative professionals-for example this forum could technically take place in slack. hope that explains :wink:

Its also generally very communicated related instead of social related. most people aren’t posting "cute’ things they saw on a slack group.its more business related- more of “looking for someone who can help me with an overload of graphic work etc.”

my husband’s yeshiva started to use slack during corona… i guess it would fit in closer hashkafically to whatsapp than regular social media and even a higher ‘frumkeit’ level b/c it’s less social, more team related.

but one of their big selling points is how you dont need to send emails to groups of people and by mistake forget one or two people - with slack you have a channel of people who can all read all the messages (e.g the designer, copywriter, marketer, ceo) - to me that seems like a total nightmare and recipe for distraction and reading info that i didnt really need to know!! i’d much rather only be sent the info really relevant to me and then i can ask the q’s i need if i need more info…
similar issue with whatsapp groups… hard to get off them for fear of missing out… but really does it seriously increase productivity? (‘cal newport’ has great things to say about technology, social media/distractions vs deep work if u interested in this topic)

it’s been argued ppl spend more time talking about getting work done on slack than getting the work done!

if you work in a team that uses it though, you may have to consider it!


Thanks so much everyone for the information!
I like to make informed decisions :slight_smile:
Hatzlocho to all!