Sizing and specs

A client sent me this image. Just a little confused what the final size should be.
It says full page is 7.5 by 10 and then I should add a .5 bleed?
Then my final size will be 8.5 by 11 no? Or is it saying with the bleed my final size should be 8 by 10.75?

that is confusing coz why would the +0.5inch bleed size be bigger than 7.5x10 - can u get their email and clarify?
otherwise i would guess 7.5x10 is if you want full page with a big white border around and if you want full page with bleed then do 8x10.75 PLUS an extra 0.5 inch bleed so final size would be 9 x 11.75 (coz 0.5 on each side)
best to email them! then you can also check if they want crop marks or not… and about bleed on all 4 sides etc

I just recently did a full page ad for BP and the size was 7.5w by 10h with bleed and crop marks. I did .25 for bleed and the final size was 8x10.50

Just spoke to them and they said that if you don’t want the ad to go all the way to the end of the page to do 7.5 by 10 but if you want it to go all the way off the page and without a border to do
8 by 10.75 and then add a .5 bleed.