Site show up on Google


  1. How long does it take for a site to show up on Google
  2. What can I do to make sure the site shows up asap and as high as possible, without hiring an SEO specialist.


Make sure you implement SEO basics.
image optimization
keywords (h1 and h2)
google analytics
set up basic yoast or similar SEO plugin
Make sure to name all your images properly
write meta descriptions

So glad you’re asking- many skip over this!
Register the site with Google using Google Search Console and within that submit a sitemap and request page indexing.
That should help tremendously!

Thank you @chavirokach !
I tried registering the site with Google Search Console but it said that the site is already being search with Google Analytics? Or something like that…
I did add Google Analytics to the site.
Is that enough, or do I need to do more?

Check out this link: Configuring Search Console data in Analytics - Analytics Help it should help you. Basically- Google Search Console and Google Analytics aren’t the same and a website needs both. BUT they are “related” to one another - and the accounts link to one another.

Sorry I never responded to this! Thank you @chavirokach ! So good to know!
Is there any way to get it higher on the list without hiring an SEO specialist?
BH the site is showing up in Google but not too high for certain keywords…