Shpritz effect

Is there a plugin to create a “spray effect” or similar? Or how can one create this?

Do you have an example of what you mean?

The website is a store who sells fragrance bottles. She wants some “effect” or animation to have shpritzes across the page.

Maybe have a look at slider revolution add-ons… They might have something you can edit to create that effect…

Great idea! Thank you so much. I didnt even think of that.

On, Rachel hired someone on Fiverr to do animated gifs for us (see hero area background signature, and some little ones on About). Inexpensive and cool. “Real” javascript animations are costly to create, but animated gifs can be used as backgrounds.

She provided them with vector files and they turned it into the gifs. I’d be happy to send you the info if you pm me.

Cool! I might suggest to just take a “shpritz” vector and animate it in Elementor as you scroll or something like that.