Shopify Pricing

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a Shopify website, I’m mostly focused on Wordpress.
Past client is inquiring about building a Shopify site - I know the setup is a lot less work than WP, so pricing should reflect that.

What is the average cost for an experienced designer?

Unless you intend to do a budget site, I don’t think you necessarily charge less. It’s less work if you go with a template and don’t change much, and if you use apps to change anything you need. In that case maybe I’d charge less. But a custom designed Shopify site with features, I’d do same as WooCommerce.

So interesting! The last shopify site was significantly less work. Yes, I used a paid theme.

Thanks @peninah_adler

Hmm, so I guess it just depends what you’re doing :slight_smile: I have only done one Shopify site and it was quite a lot of work!