Settings for video screen animation

I am making a video animation for a school play to be shown as a backdrop on a LED wall screen.
The screen size is 12x40.
First of all, should I make my file that size to begin with or enlarge it after its exported?
Also, any other setting needs to be changed to make sure the resolution stays the same and not get pixelated?

if anyone is able to help me out with my question above, I would really appreciate it since this is a time sensitive project.

I think if you make your comp in the correct pixels it should be fine - from my experience

if the screen is 12x40 feet- how do i make it into pixels?

honestly don’t know- when I had to do custom size they gave me the size in pixels- maybe ask the company that’s doing the led screen for them- good luck!

just seeing this
can you ask them for the pixel size? I would assume 1280x720 or 1920 x1080 but never heard it referred to as 12x40ft

This is from the screen guy. Any of these measurements are pixels?

i also tried converting ft to pixels and got this:
12 ft = 13824 px
40 ft = 46080 px
so i’m confused now:)

Another question regarding this job.

I wasn’t thinking when I started working on the video that my comp has to be the size I need otherwise there will be problems at the end…

Well, I just finished the video and now I’m stuck because the size they want is very different than the standard 1920x1080 I made it on.

Since I’m working with video clips, i doesn’t help to enlarge it because it will get cut off…
Any advice?!?!

p.s. you can tell this is my first time doing such a project!!! i guess u live and learn!!!

The px would prob be the resolution
you can send me the file if you’d like - rendered, maybe you can add something around so that you dont need to redo it?

thanks for ur help, it worked out at the end:)
(i did some arts n crafts and it looks great!)