Sending Raw file to client

I created a poster for a client. He wants the raw file so that he can just edit the text himself.
All the file is is a collapsed image in the background, and text on top.
He offered to delete the raw file (or just the image) when he was done if it concerned me.
How does this work? Do I charge him for the file?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks it advance!

I don’t understand the issue. If he paid for the design he should have the open file either way. What program did you create the poster in? Will he be able to edit it himself?

He can always edit the text in acrobat…

Most designers don’t give raw files out, since they own the rights to the file. If he really wants he can open the PDF in Illustrator…

Thank you for all of the replies.
In the end what I was able to do was flatten the background, and place it in a word file with the text separately so that he can edit it.

If one would give out a raw file, how much should they charge for it?

I dont usually send out my raw files to clients. They always get pdf version included. I’ve had times when client wanted my raw file so different designer can continue editing. I charged him $50 for the raw file, being that my work is being played around with. Only time would otherwise send out raw file is sometimes printer or website needs the actual raw file…

Same point as @Daniela_Halevy . I would charge upwards of a few hundred for the raw file if theyll be playing around with it.

So back to this question (sorry it’s long) with another project with this client:

I designed a newsletter for him that he would be sending out monthly.
When initially discussing the project, he did mention that he would consider downloading InDesign so that he can just update my template each month himself.
I had just finished the layout for the second month, and he now wants me to send him the raw file.
Do I charge him for the file separately?
I feel like this is much different than a single poster. This is a template that will be repurposed.
But then again, he feels that he asked me to create this template for him, so now he doesn’t see why I would charge him separately for the file.
As far as I understood, he had wanted me to design a newsletter, and by default, a template happened.
If anyone could help me here, it would be a great help!
Thank you!!!

You can explain to him that in general designers never send their raw design files out (it can mean that the work can then be tampered with, not something you necessarily want especially when your name is associated with it), but if we do we charge an extra fee- because it’s not included. In general, you can make it clear before you start working what you are giving them will include (pdf, jpeg, etc), and anything extra will be an additional fee.

It also means that you will lose out on the work of him doing it himself and not you having to do it for him, so another reason definitely to charge!