Sending final files to clients


What sizes/types of files do you send the client when you finish the project? I just did a logo and business card

I would send logo as a jpeg and pdf, and business card as a pdf.

If they will be using the business card also for text/whatsapp, send an additional jpg and specify that it’s only for text, not print. Maybe rename the file specifically.

i send the logo as .jpeg, .pdf (illustrator friendly), .png on transparent background and .eps (with outlined text so no font sharing/compatibility issues) because i think it’s important for them to have the vector file in case they need it at a large size. i usually send a guide to the file types to say what is good for web/email use and what file is good for what.
i’d also send diff versions for dark/light backgrounds and if they need horizontal/vertical format or whatever their needs are.

for business card i just send pdf, press quality including the bleed but with no crop marks.

Wow, so thorough!

That’s so thorough but that’s more along the lines of what I was thinking. Do you have a sample guide you can send me? I want to see how it’s written out

do you always have to outline the text when sending logo or business card?

You only have to outline the text when you’re sending an open file, since they might not have font you used, and you don’t want to have to send them the font, since you might be getting yourself into licensing issues…

Do you include which fonts were used? I don’t care sharing, especially when they were free anyway.

ok i dont mind if you base yours on this but i cant take responsibility for accuracy :>

I put a nice pic/mockup of the logo on top of the doc then i write:

Please feel free to ask me for recommendations of which files to use for which purpose but here’s a quick guide of the file types so you have it as a reference:

Logo FIle Types:

  • EPS file - the original ‘vector’ file which is good to have on hand should you wish to have the logo edited one day or for using it at any size. You would need a special program like Adobe Illustrator (or a mac) to open it. Printers often request these files.
  • JPEG - high resolution so good for print work. Not on a transparent background.
  • PDF - good for print. It is on a transparent background so you can place it on top of your chosen colour background.
  • PNG - good for web/email/online use. On a transparent background so that they can easily be placed on top of your chosen colour background. It is a low file size which helps speed things up.

Then i write some notes on the diff. logo versions
Then sometimes i list the font(s) used and links where to get

exactly… i agree. so for the business card no need to outline but for the logo once you send an open file so outline. but always keep your own copy with the non-outlined version.

This is amazing. Thanks for sharing!