Security plugin

Do you install an additional security plugin on top of siteground hosting security for every website?

@peninah_adler What security plugin do you use on client’s websites? Or is siteground enough?

I use Wordfence

That is in addition to siteground? Or you have a different hosting service?

I don’t have a perfect answer right now. I often used Wordfence. SG’s security plugin is new, I have used that for SG clients (happen to be doing a lot of non SG right now) but I didn’t look into the comparison.

I would like to take some time to review the current options. But I haven’t yet :slight_smile:

So what host are you using if not SG?

And what does the security plugin in general offer that the hosting service doesn’t? With siteground i get backups, what am i missing if i don’t add an additional security plugin?

Oops. Didn’t see this. Sometimes clients come with other hosting already. I also use Cloudways.

I assume SG"s security plugin is intended to replace others like Securi or Wordfence. They offer security at an on-site level, like hiding your WP version, password strength, etc.