Secretary plus graphics salary

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I have a similar question - Does anyone know how much i can ask for as a school secretary who will do the graphics for the school as well?
I would assume that the pay would be higher than a regular secretary because i can offer graphics as well.
Any input would be appreciated.

would also love to hear as I’m in the same situation as you…

I would keep track of your hours you spends on graphics, multiply by your hourly rate and have them cheshbon that into each paycheck in addition to the salary.

Ive done that quite a few years ago. I just rem being taken very advantage of. Make sure that they really really pay you, your worth.

that is a great idea - i agree with that one!

I agree with this, I was in this exact situation and didn’t do this. I wish I had because the company got free graphics at a regular secretary’s rate. :frowning: