Saving Old Stuff

Anyone around to answer?
I just finished reshoping for a client (changed her mind on all three vanities :persevere:) When I send her the updates, should I take out the old slides or send it along? Is there a reason for me to keep it for myself?

Also, after taking dimensions in someone’s place, is it necessary for me to keep the sheet with dimensions? Did anyone ever have to refer back to it after it’s in Cad?

Thanks for such a supportive community :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:!!

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I create a folder for every client with all old files. I find they often change their mind and go back to older options.
I take a picture of the paper where the dimensions were written down so the paper can be thrown out and put the image in the folder with the old files.

Oh, that’s a great idea!!
Yeah i had clients going back to older options (first time i had to put back the pdf in Cad-learned the hard way)
but taking pics of papers is really smart-Thanks so much @shifra-bender !!

I totally agree. Photos are crucial. I take lots of photos on my phone, so I create an album for each client and add all photos pertaining to their job to the album. This includes before photos, progress photos, furniture, tile choices, interior and exterior shots of the house, chosen paint colors. Any photo that I take that I may email or text to the contractor or client, also goes in that folder. This way everything is in one place. I also take photos of anything I write down on paper- such as a preliminary field measure, or a list of measurements, notes for tile guy or contractor.

Wow, that’s a load of picture-but makes so much sense!!
Instead of scrolling through email after email and searching everything I sent for a single pic, I got it right there in their folder.
Thanks so much @RochelLea , this is super helpful!!

My pleasure. I’m embarrassed to tell you just how many pics I have on my phone! Another thing you can do if you have an iphone is tag the picture with a keyword (i.e. client name ) for an even faster search. I tend to search by location to find things I am looking for.

That’s a great idea!!
I don’t have an iphone, but even putting them in correct folder (right away :wink:) would make searching for it a lot easier then checking… all over!!

I often refer back to the original survey, I def recommend keeping it!
And I save old versions in a folder called Old (for that client) and rename the file Revision 1 (or whatever we’re up to)

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I have a “old” folder for each client as well and anything that is not relevant anymore I would put in there. You never know when you might have to go back to it.

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