Sample job

How does it work if a company that I applied to for a job asked me to do a sample for them? Do I charge? Or do I tell them if they end up using my work I will charge for it?

It depends on their policy, when i did a sample i got paid whatever they would have paid me if i had that job

I love when they ask that :slight_smile: How comes no one asks a contractor to build a room and if they like it they’ll hire them for the rest of the house?
I would probably respond- Thanks for the information! I’m happy to get working on sample X. If you will end up using the design I charge X amount and I’m happy to give it to you for X on first project scenario etc.
Or if its a job you really want, consider it your hishtadlus to do the job and see where it takes you!

Thank you! The sample they want me to do is not going to be used, but is quite a big sample, it’s a 3 page magazine/workbook. This is a job I would potentially want, but is it worth this investment?..I’m wondering if they ask all their applicants to do this sample, and only hire one person

Maybe ask them. I once did a sample for someone, spent about 2 hours on it and nothing came out of it.

hi i wonder what you ended up doing?
because i also applied for a job and they asked me to do something similar (maybe it was the same job :wink: )
i didnt take the job in the end, but curious for the future if this is something that is regular

lol, I said I would do it, but then anyways I’m remote and they didn’t want. But another place also just asked me to do a sample, I also said ye, but don’t think it’s normal that they give these big projects, not just like “could you make me a flyer”?
Are you looking for remote or in house?

In house