Rustic elegant invitation

What comes to mind when someone asks for a rustic elegant invitation? Any inspirational images?

Wooden maybe with thin outlined flowers

Oh it’s for a bar mitzvah so not sure if I can do flowers

they want a very designed invite for Bar Mitzvah or just rustic text?

They event is being in that style hall so they want a rustic look to the invitation but also nice and elegant. Any inspirational images?

the background of this is really nice and to the rustic side.

I did a kraft paper look once, with green leaves. Something like this

We actually had it printed on kraft paper and it looked amazing!

What about something like one of these?

i automatically think of distressed/scratched/peeling wood when i think of rustic… for it to be elegant would have to be joined with some clean modern elements like the font being minimalistic, prob all caps with lots of space between letters… maybe an overlay on the wood like in that gabriel thomas one…

i like the brown paper idea too…

you could also think of woven/fabric textures, linens, baskets…

get photos of the hall!!!


Thanks everyone!! I’ll send some design ideas for some feedback later!

Thoughts on this invitation layout?

I like it!!!

Looks nice! The hebrew date and the 84 both look little bigger than the rest of the text. Maybe try making it a point smaller.

I like!! I wonder if it would look neater if you center align all the text…
Also the logo on top kind of looks a little out of place…idk if there is a better place to put it. Maybe on the side where you did the name in the brown box you can make the name smaller and put the logo on top…idk just a thought

Really nice!

would make the brown underneath the name a little bigger to give the name some margin. or you can make the name smaller

looks really nice… I agree about moving the logo- or to change font of English name to be similar style… ( I think it doesn’t really need the logo all together- the style doesn’t flow with the rest and looks a bit just placed to me… also- do ppl have the name of boy 3x on one invite?)

Actually not doing the rustic theme anymore…thought on this inviations? This is the layout and colors they want to go with.

Do you usually do the times before the place?

Not sure if you finished with the invite yet…
Just noticed that you did 2 different time formats - one in letters and one in numbers…
Otherwise really nice job!!
I just did rustic elegant invitation if you need another idea :wink: