Revit technical advice

I am trying to make beds in a bedroom look real, The components are very sharp at the edges of the mattresses and linen is almost impossible to make look real out of an extrusion…
Any ideas?


Create and extrusion as a spline offsetting it to give it the width and then pull it across for the linen.
You can also work with voids to give a more rounded look. See the picture of the pillow attached - its created as an extrusion and then a void (the void is pink)

Thank you for your help! I used the spline technique in this image but you see the end of the linen is sharp at the foot of the bed? How can I take care of that?

Also is there anywhere you can download 3D linen from?

You can download beds online which were converted from other programs to revit. Enscape should also have some.

You can also use voids to round the edges