Resume webinar highlight recording + exclusive offer

Missed the webinar?

No worries!

We’ve prepared a snippet featuring 8 valuable tips in creating a resume + exclusive offer for Design Alive grads just in case you don’t have time to watch the full webinar, click this link

Excitingly, QuickWords, in partnership with Design Alive, is thrilled to extend two exclusive offers tailored just for you:

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  2. 20% off resume writing services if you prefer designing it yourself. Use code JDF20 to unlock this offer on our website

Both offers are valid until the first night of Chanukah (December 7), so make sure to grab them before then!

We understand time constraints, so the snippet we’ve included 8 tips on creating your resume, see here. However, if you wish to access the full recording, please use this link.

Remember, a standout resume can make all the difference in your job search journey. Grab these offers before they expire!

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