Anyone knows a plugin that I can use to have the website show responsive buttons for all devices - for frontend use.
Similar like here in top bar the 3 device icons Demo for Monstroid2 - Multipurpose Modular WordPress Elementor Theme #6222215ijc92_gaMTI5MjQ2NDYyNy4xNjMzMjUzNjEx_ga_FTPYEGT5LY*MTYzNjg4NzM2NC41LjAuMTYzNjg4NzM2NS41OQ…&_ga=2.239123335.501030503.1636887365-1292464627.1633253611&_gac=1.254851322.1636887365.Cj0KCQiAhMOMBhDhARIsAPVml-F9tmUj68DRf0sPDiQANGBLtPoZbq37Qgp1HOak80FAZl_jkI_AD1saAlDoEALw_wcB

I don’t, but I’m very curious to know why you would need something like that?