Reordering terms of CPT

How do I reorder the terms of a specific taxonomy. It is effecting the layout of a page displaying the various terms.

Thank you.
@peninah_adler do you have any suggestions?

You want to order them at-will, not in an order like alphabetical by title or slug, or by date, or by a specific field?

If you can set it once and that’s enough, I would change the post publish dates to get it in order. (or change the query but that won’t work for random orders)

If you/the client needs to constantly change the order, I use a plugin, there are a few good ones, for drag & drop sort functionality for posts.

Thanks for your response Peninah. I mean that I need to reorder the taxonomy itself. Not the posts.
Here is what I mean:
I have a CPT “Shiurim” with 2 custom taxonomies, Speakers and Topics. I need to be able to order the taxonomy terms displayed on the Shiurim by category page . These boxes are displayed with a block plugin and I have the choice to display them in order of term slug, name or order. Therefore I want to control the order.

Any specific code or plugin recommendations to do this?
I found 2 plugins Custom Taxonomy Order – WordPress plugin | and Advanced Taxonomy Terms Order - Nsp Code, only the first worked properly. Though I can’t separate the parent and children categories. Meaning All halacha is followed by all he halacha categories and can’t be put later in the list. Any idea how to do this (other than making “halacha” not the parent category)?

Thank you in advance.