Remove search bar in wordpress

I know this should be simple; however, for some reason, I can’t find the place to disable the search bar… I looked in widgets and it is disabled there. I also went into theme options (I’m using creativo and there is an option to customize the header then. When I turned it off there it initially worked but somehow now there is a search bar again…
Any ideas?

did you try to google?

Have you checked their docs?
Also, maybe check again. The update may have changed the settings. (Some themes are like that.)

I just rechecked this morning & noticed it’s actually only showing up on homepage (but in header area…) It’s not in widgets and its toggled off in theme options.
Any other ideas where it could be hiding?

why dont you get rid of it with CSS? display:none; and if necessary add !important

Thanks everyone for your help! I actually finally found the setting… In the theme that I’m using there was a separate setting to customize page & breadcrumbs area and the search bar was actually in that…