Recipe page critique

Hi, I’m trying to create a recipe page for an advertiser and I’m having trouble with the layout and design.
Specifically i would like to hear ideas on a more interesting and effective way to put the images in.
Also, they didnt give me the words so if you notice any typo or if you think different wording will work better then please let me know.
Any critique as soon as possible will be appreciated since I’m on a tight deadline.

Maybe try doing every other step in the other direction. Meaning leave step 1, but by step 2 flip the place of the text and image, and do the same by step 4.


First of all, YUM!!
and second, I really like how you designed it :slight_smile:

Thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I think it’s looking better! I think I would keep all the text left aligned, though keep their positions

You gave really great advice, @goldie-mezei !
Looks amazing!!!

I love the design. It’s really nice!