Real Estate Motion Graphics Ad

Any feedback for this ad?

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beautiful! (love this wiggly flag :grinning:) just don’t love the colors… maybe try a diff combination>?

This is great! love the roof plopping on- I would add a chimney to the roof as well
Well done with the sound effects!
I agree with peri about the colors, they are one step above clashing. I’m also not crazy about the black background split, I would try giving a bend to a solid color so you have a bit of contrast from floor to wall but that its not so “split”

PS to everyone-- Sora did this on her own with Cinema 4D Lite-- hint can you please all go through the recordings and upload your assignments- its an extremely powerful program that you have right there!!! :slight_smile:

Love it!

wow! it amazing!


This is the adobe pallet I used… Should I go for one more classy and less funky?

because of the shadows and highlights it doesnt look like those colors

cool! I never thought of that!
Also wanted to ask you-I downloaded an brick material but for some reason it wouldn’t render with it… It said it’s missing the asset… Do you have to be connected to the internet for that to work?

Did you try rendering through AE?

yes… didn’t know there is another way to render it…?

either you can encoder through ME ir render in AE itself

oh oh
no i did it through ME

sometimes I find when you render through the program as a MOV and then import it to ME after and encode it to a MP4 it works better-- just keep in mind it ties up your program while its rendering

That might help but in this case-the missing asset didn’t even show up in AE when I brought into the program, and every time I did a “render view” of the dice in Cinema 4D it wouldn’t show up either…

Which assets were missing?

a brick material that I wanted to come on as the dice was becoming the house