Purim with our Digital Illustrators - see what they created!

Just had to share some awesome work that our digital illustrators played around with for Purim! Only just a few weeks into the course and look :nerd_face: :partying_face:

By @cfink Mishloach Manos label for cute bakers!

By @sury Adorable school kids!

By @leakron Purim Mishloach Manos Label

By @MiriRo for work and Label for a family member

By @yehudis545 Cutest crayons

By @Silo Mishloach Manos Label with personality

strong text
By @SRD creative Mishloach Manos label

We think they did an awesome job, what do you think?
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These are so amazing-great job!

wow wow, these are amazing

Wow! These are AMAZING!

wow ! wow! this is super cool!!! love them!

WOW!! Such talent :slight_smile: each one is so good!

Whats digital illustrator? Is this a new course?

It’s a new course that Design Alive started this year. It’s for artist’s to learn how to draw digitally…

Here is more info about this course.

Our students have done awesome work and its been a smashing success with awesome teachers on board. We will be running this course again during the summer.

Here is another drawing by @cfink - we look forward to sharing more work with you all!

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And here is more info on our website

Want us to let you know when we are relaunching this course then click here

Absolutely amazing! Well done!

These are all WOW!!!