Publication Logo

Hi. I am working on this logo, any thoughts on it?
This is for a new publication.
I didn’t work on the colors yet, if anyone has any suggestions let me know.

i like how you integrated the flash with the text in all of them - v.cleverly done!

I would say they are all a very similar style so if client wants a broad range of concepts, you may have to try some totally diff. ideas. But i guess you are closely following specifications they gave you.

It would be helpful to know who is the target audience? what are clients looking for? what kind of publication? then it would be easier to give feedback.

many of these fonts seem kinda young/comicy/child-like to me so if it’s for adults, i would consider a more formal font at least for one of the words. 3b could work for older but i’d probably space out the letters of community more.

I love 4 best. Next 5
but they are all really good.

It’s a weekly community advertising magazine.
My client specifically wanted a flash in the logo.

I like number 5 best
you could try yellow and blue although its probably flexible with colouring for this kind of project