Pricing for a Music Video

What’s the going rate for a 3-4 min. music video?
I am just start out in the motion graphic field.

Firstly if you are just starting out then its worth doing it even for “less” as you will be gaining experience and exposure so keep that in mind in the pricing calculation.
What sort of style will you be doing? ie. kinetic typography, video editing, character animation, slideshow etc?
depending on your style start calculating aprox. how long you think it will take you to do it
based on what I would think I would give you a range of $350-$750 for the total video.
but would need to hear more specifics of who its for (single person, school, program, singer etc.) and the style

its the type of video for a birthday party.

Got it.
so personal will pay much less than business as besides for the party there is no “gain” for them from it.
You’ll have to use your judgement here, as you know the client. Does $200-$250 sound do-able?

Thank you