Pricing chat

I think I remember hearing that someone made a pricing chart but I can’t seem to find it.
Does this exist for web design?

Who wrote the prices? And of when were they updated?

thanks for posting

Does anyone know what fee would be if I am taking on the entire project. Meaning hiring a graphic designer, web designer, copywriter etc…

It’s a few years old. All the web teachers had input. Unfortunately I don’t think the annual salary has increased much, but you could bump up all the other prices.

Read the notes – they’re important!

just bumping to see if a/o can answer my last question

Is there a percentage or flat fee I should charge for finding and doing the back & forth with each of these ppl?

Ohh, I didn’t understand your question the first time.

People do this in different ways. Some subcontract, where the subcontractor bills you and you bill the client. Others prefer to recommend other professionals, but they stay out of the hiring process and aren’t involved until it’s time for them to do their work. In that case, you might bump up your fee a bit, but it’s not as much involvement, so it’s not as much of a raise.

I don’t know if there’s a set percentage that people typically charge for that.

One quick note. Some copywriters write very very long copy, which means much more work for the designer/developer. It’s something to be aware of and keep your eye on when pricing.