Price for logo animation

A company hired me to animate their logo and asked what I would charge. I said $200 - $300 depending on the amount of revisions and time spent…They didn’t respond yet. I’m still just starting out so I want to know what other ppl charge for such a thing.
So you get more of an idea of the job…they run the screens around town (in stores and outdoors) and other business pay them to advertise on those screens. They’ll give me their logo and they want it animated for afew sec.s (no sound) But it would stay on the screen all together for around 15 sec.s - another question - is that going to look normal? To be still after animating… or will I still need to make it move a little?

Pricing sounds fine, You could always say $180-$275. Sounds “cheaper” if you think its too high
But I think a logo on its own for 15 secs is a bit much
Maybe you can have the logo animate on and then have it on the side and have a catchy phrase and their phone numbers?

great idea