Price for bckgrnd change

I’m taking the computer graphics course(self-paced) and I’m still far from done, but s/o asked me to do small graphic changes for his organization, ex: change background of raffle tickets etc. He told me that he’s specifically asking me-because I’m not officially in the line yet, and he doesn’t want to pay a lot.
in the end, I couldn’t figure out how to do what he asked me, so i redid the entire thing for him. it took me a very long time. How much is fair to ask if i did way more than i was supposed to w/o him asking me?

Hmm, I would say since the client didn’t ask for you to spend all that extra time you may not be able to charge for it. Unless he was asking for something that wasnt possible to do on the files he had given you

if he was aware of the situaton before hand (i.e. you notified him of the problem) he should be charged the full price.

I had many ppl asking me for work while I’m also still taking a course. My assumption is that when someone hires us, they know it’ll take us longer than an experienced worker. so, I usually charge an hourly rate, much lower than a regular worker would take, but still an hourly rate, so \i don’t feel used. Ex: if an hourly worker in interior design would take $70, I’ll charge $30. GL!

@sgk hang on, I didnt mean that you shouldnt get paid!! make sure you do get paid, just needs to make sense your pricing within the expected job