Please post your AMAZING package mockups here!

We had so many great package designs-please share the mockups here!


Oh wow, you did an amazing job! Love how the patterns signify the hair style- unique yet recognizable as a set.

i like ur mockup that is showing the 3 tubes… where did you find it??

I looked so many places not 100% sure but most likely freepik or envato

You can actually see your past downloads in history, no?

Thanks to Yael for being the first one to post-they look great! I know that we are still finishing up with the packages, but as they are finished don’t forget to take a minute to post!

These really came out incredible from the colors, brand logo and style!


love them there so cute and neat



Love yours Rivky !!

I love the background design you did!!

so cute!


So cute! The hairstyles really represent the style of the gel!!

Love the characters in these!

@RivkyH they are absolutely adorable! I love the cute pattern and whimsical style! Such a creative take on the assignment!

Thanks :blush: