Does anyone know the easiest way to create a playbill… Is there a way to organize it so that it goes in order even though the pages are folded in half? Or do I have to figure it out myself?

Try indesign or publisher

Do you know how I would do
it on indesign?

You can create it as one page and make guides for yourself where it will be folded. Create it on your own paper first and fold and mark it so you know what will end up where

You first create your a parent and b parent how you want your booklet to be somehow (logo ,name, paragraph fonts…)then you creat your booklet as you want pages 1234…then you export it as a pdf .once you print it you’ll have an option to print it as a booklet…
Remember the amount of pages must be divisible by 4
Try it out first to get comfortable

Thank you so much!!