Playbill price

I designed a playbill for a school play (about 8 pages, double sided). It was mostly formatting text, there wasn’t too much design involved as the cover was designed by someone else. I didn’t think I was getting paid for it, I thought I was doing it as a favor for them. I was more than happy to do it as a favor, because it was for my out of town high school I went to, but now they are asking how much they owe me. I am unsure what to tell them for two reasons: I didnt keep track of time bc I didnt think I was getting paid, and also because I dont feel comfortable charging them my full hourly fee…any opinions what I should do?

I don’t know if this is still relevant, but can you figure out roughly how much time you spent on it? Then when you figure out what you would charge if it was a regular client, give a discount in whatever percentage you’re comfortable with.

that’s basically what i ended up doing…