Are there any good websites that I can pay per picture instead of a monthly or yearly plan?
And are there any good free websites other than freepik, vecteezy, pexels, Pixabay, unsplash, frock in stock…

On shutterstock you can pay per picture - there are different packages

Really? do you know how?

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shutterstock pricing page

I’m still a drop confused - it looks like a plan - like pay $229 for 25 pictures… I want to know if there is any website where I can pay like $5 - $10 (something not too expensive cuz otherwise I’ll just do a plan…)

I use storyblocks and i’m very happy with them
it costs $30/month and you can download unlimited pics/vids/stock music etc.
I’ve tried many other sites and they gave me the most for my money.