Photoshop for Interior Design


I graduated from the Interior Design course and I would like to learn photoshop. I’m not sure which plan to get and which programs to download.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Photoshop is available through Adobe Creative Cloud. There is a monthly or yearly fee, and it comes along with the entire Adobe Creative suite, including Indesign and Illustrator, and other programs for creating websites, and editing videos.
It really depends why you would like to learn photoshop. Is it to edit pictures? Or to add shade and shadow to existing drawings? If you are just looking to remove backgrounds from photos, you may want to consider CANVA Pro instead. With a click of a button the backgrounds are removed. CANVA is a great program that creates presentations (such as Portfolios, mood boards etc.), they offer a free version which has plenty of tools and options, and CANVA Pro which is around $10 per month, and comes with extra tools and features. You may want to explore CANVA before you sign up for Adobe Cloud, since it is much less expensive.


I would like to learn a computer program to render plans.

Thank You!

we actually have 4 sessions of Photoshop (for free) to teach you how to color your cad docs so email us for access to them. To get the program use the black Friday offer now

learn revit with design alive

Hi Grads

We are just checking through the Photoshop classes for interior design graduates to ensure that they are all still relevant and up to date, we hope to give you access to this course very soon!

Watch the space…

Just to update you, these classes will be ready after Chanukah :slight_smile:

You should definitely consider Revit. It is a much heavier program- but it is easier to grasp the concepts once one masters Autocad. The renderings are extremely realistic and command a good price in the field. Designers are charging upwards of $350 per view and that only covers 1-2 walls so at least 2 views per room. (And once you have drawn up the room all views are available) It can be quite lucrative.