Photoshop Beta AI Tool

Was so fun and easy editing this image with the photoshop AI tool!

We needed an image for a game in a weekly newsletter where outdoor items are put into a paper bag and kids have to guess what it is… Nothing too massive but it was amazing how easy it was to do. I’m liking this!!

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Amazing!! (and I think your version looks better than the original with the brighter lighting)
Well done!!

Can we also add jewish elements like kappl, tzitzis, …?

I’ve added kippahs-- but they didnt come out totally yeshivish looking
Haven’t tried tzitzis yet…

and payes?

You can add a strand of hair, I dont know if it will understand “Jewish sidelocks”
but you can select off the area that you want to have hair and write strand of brown hair, or lock of brown hair and see if it works

I created these on midjourney and then I added the kappel and peyos in adobe beta-its super cool!
They arent perfect but i wrote extend/ fill hair for the peyos and brimless cloth cap for the cappel, after i got the cappel on i selected on top of it and added more hair…


The last two are WOW! Makes us want to hear more about this character. Love the wild messy but totally full of fun look!
The first two are great as well! now you need to try to build up the rest of the body through PS Beta
Do you want to share your prompt you used for midjourney?

Great job!!

thanks :grin:
I wrote cartoon boy around ten years old, chesnut brown short hair, freckles over bridge of nose, big round, thick blue glasses, cheeky smile, wearing a kippa and has sidelocks behind his ear never came with everything but was nice enough;)

These look great! It looks like it could be used for the gefen / shufra advertisements!

WOAH these are so good!! Amazing!!

This is so cool!
It take looks like the advertisements :slight_smile:

Amazing! So much fun and really well done!

wow rly nice wow yes the last one is amazing! one issue with doing characters in ai is that its hard to get them in different positions afterwards…

You need to work with seeds, but its still not perfect and takes time

Omg I love these!!! Thanks for sharing!

now make an ad from it :slight_smile:

About photoshop beta, it says that it shouldnt be used for commercial use. Does that mean I wouldnt be able to use it for my clients?

firefly or beta?

I see its saying Beta shouldnt be used for commercial either yet, I would play it safe, if you’re using it to create something that would go on a billboard then maybe be careful, I highly DOUBT that others are not using it in subtle ways in their projects. Just dont sell images made from it etc.