Photography website

Whats the best option for a photography website? To build from scratch? Using what theme and builder? Or to use a specific photography platform that you can customize?
Not sure where to start… any advice welcome!!
Thanks in advance!

We’re in this together!!
I’m building it with Elementor right now and doing subcategories…
Any tips you have - let me know!!


I think it depends on what they want. If it’s strictly a portfolio site, you can do anything. But if they want to send photos to their clients to choose from, it’s better to use one of the services that are just for photographers, like SmugMug.

Thanks @peninah_adler !!
Any theme reccomendations to keep up the speed of such a loaded site?


@MalkaB , I think the most important would be the pictures – keeping those looking crisp but low res, so a very robust image optimizer. And caching + solid hosting.

Any reccomendations for a great image optimizer???
And which hosting?
Were talking about lots and lots of photos…’


Siteground hosting is amazing. Security and customer service are great.
Image optimizer shmush plugin, check what peninah mentioned earlier this week about another image optimizer. i like to optimize images in photoshop before i upload them to wp.

Agree with Schlomith that images ideally should be optimized offline first.
Photoshop works, or I use (I don’t have PS)
But batch resizing/optimizing in PS would be much faster for lots!

Shortpixel is great for optimization on site.

Re hosting, Cloudways will give you more for your money in terms of server power + space on your server, but it’s harder to set up until you’re used to it.