Persistent object cache

I got a message on my site health that says the following-
A persistent object cache makes your site’s database more efficient, resulting in faster load times because WordPress can retrieve your site’s content and settings much more quickly.

Your hosting provider can tell you if a persistent object cache can be enabled on your site. Your host appears to support the following object caching services: Memcached.

My site is being hosted on siteground. Just wondering do most of you use a plugin like this?
I thought the siteground super cacher was enough?
Also, if you do use another caching plugin I noticed memcached was not updated for the last year and doesn’t have such great reviews… Wondering if a different plugin like w3 total cache would be a better option?

SG caching has a couple of options, and memcaching needs to be enabled in order to work, so that could be your answer.

I don’t think there is a free plugin that’s better than SG Optimizer on SG sites, although I could be wrong.

@peninah_adler - thanks for your response!