PDF uploader and viewer

Hi, I’m looking for a good wp plugin where my client can easily upload a catalog(preferable front-end) and all site visitors will able to view it. Any suggestions?

I have one called PDF Embedder on this site.(the daf images are pdfs)

I don’t know if you’ll be able to find an option for front-end upload and posting without custom coding.

Thanks for your advice.
I will create the page for the catalog, but the client wants to be able to change the catalog in an easy way he can do it himself. So if there’s a bit of coding which can be done in advance it’s fine, because I will take care of it, but will he be able to change the pdf file later on easily?

I don’t think it’s very difficult to manage in the dashboard, especially if you made a quick walk-through video explaining it.

Front-end publishing typically takes a fair amount of custom coding (for what you’re saying, I think you’d have to be comfortable with custom templates and fields), or possibly a front-end page editor plugin or theme could work.