Page length

What would you say is a standard length for a home page?
How many sections?


Around 8 sections…

The million dollar question :wink:
Especially with the profusion of copywriters. Copytribe leans heavily towards long copy and I often see that the newer copywriters write much more.

I don’t think there’s a way to really say, except to look at sites in similar industries and assess.

I would say no more than 7 sections, and not long ones…, yes copywriters especially those which are new tend to write long, but most are really nice to deal with it and work things out.

Coming back to this thread :slight_smile:
Don’t know why I never responded!
Yes, we have to learn how to balance things out with copywriters :wink:

Ok so let’s say 7-8 sections for a home page.

  1. Is that the same for a 1 page site?
  2. How many sections for the inner pages? Does 3-5 make sense?

Of course it will vary, I just want to know where to anchor my base prices for 2023.
Thank you all!

I’m starting to base my inner pages price based on short 1-4 sections and long 4-6 for (Maybe include a medium)