Newsletter help

I am designing a newsletter and was wondering if I can have some help. All suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you in advance

Great start!!!
I feel like there should be an overall theme. I’m not loving that the first spread has a lot of different shades of color.
To make the text more inviting for ppl to read I would bold the first 3 words or so in each new paragraph or chapter. Maybe you can even do a different color for the start of the paragraph.
The layout of the images I would see if you can move them around and put a small boarder around each image to spruce it up. Maybe line them up at the bottom or on the right side…
On the second spread i would center did you know.
Hope this helps and isnt to much info. Gluck. cant wait to see the final one you go with!

I agree with all the comments above that @chavi mentioned…
Some more comments from me:

  1. all the text on the front shouldn’t be bold…
  2. I don’t love the scrip used in the pull quotes
  3. I don’t love the blue circle strip in the middle of the first page - maybe have it on the top of the page…
  4. I love the icons but maybe make them a drop smaller

Looks nice! I agree with all above comments.
If you want some more real technical critique, here are some:

  1. the text in the green box "the bakers dozen is coming too close the the edge of the page. i think the margins of the whole spread can use a little more space.
  2. the header “return of hospital visits” looks to me like its a caption for the picture above it. If you make a little more space above it, it should be fine.
  3. try justified text everywhere besides for the faq’s
  4. On the second spread “did you know” i would make the font the same as the headers, or maybe the “whats” in whats new.
  5. The FAQ’s might look nice with some sort of bullet near each one, and a drop of paragraph spacing between each question.
  6. maybe try an icon of candlesticks on either side of the last paragraph instead of the real picture that you feathered.

Hope i didnt overwhelm you with all my comments - i did magazine layout for a couple of years, so these things really scream out to me! :wink: good luck!

whoops! sorry - meant to reply to Shayna. i see it went on what Chavy said…

In general I think sans serif fonts are hard to read as body text… I would switch the body text font to a serif one.
Also it looks like the pictures are very big for the size of the paper- the pictures on the left side of the first spread take up most of the page. I would make them much smaller.

Thank you for all the feedback. Here are the changes and some concerns…

She would like me to shorten the text and use more graphics (like the pot in the background of the first one)
The many balls seem a bit busy.
Is there concern that the pages won’t match up seamlessly ?

Any suggestions?
Thank you!