New Portfolio Cover... What do you think?

portfolio cover
would appreciate any feedback :slight_smile:

Well done! Love the logo

Logo and tagline is nice! I’m not loving the “chalkboard faded circle” behind it. I feel like it would look sharper without it but it’s fine to leave it if you like it…

Nice. I agree with Breindy.

Very sharp!
Love the tagline!
Spelling error there - graphically?

thanks everyone! How’s this?

I liked your first logo with the circle behind the B,F. I think it’ll look sharper if you took away the “faded” circle that’s behind the logo…

I actually prefer this one! Its bold enough without the circle

or this?

I like this one better, prefer it without the glow.

Yeah, I also like this one better!

k thanks so much!

id prefer it straight not slightly angled (unless its my eyes acting up) and withouth the 3d effect.

Very sharp look!
I would use a sharper circle instead of a grungy one to match the rest, maybe more like the style of the line on the bottom?