New laptop for web design

I’m looking to get a new laptop…
Someone told me they found a good deal… but honestly I’m not really sure about specifics I should be looking for in a computer… Can any of you savvy ladies let me know what you think…
Dell laptop
Processor is i5-11th generation
8 GB of memory
256 GB SSD
15.6 inch screen

I’m not so savvy with these things but I would think 8GB of memory is too little…I think you can get away with it, but if you can spend more, 16 GB is perfect.
15.6 inch screen isn’t bad or good - depends on your preferences.
256 GB of SSD I think is fine enough (but again, if you have a bigger budget - get more memory)
i5 - 11th generation - I have no idea…
you could always chat with BH photo and ask them your questions - They are very helpful…

As you are using it for web design - You are using mainly browsers as your programs
I think chrome uses the processer and ram. You can check it up on the task manager.
15.6 screen is quite small. If you are considering plugging in another screen in, it might be better.
I think design alive has a tech person you can speak to as well.

thanks for your replies… Chani Freedman- do u know who design alive tech person is?

I have found to be very helpful in researching specific models.

Design Alive has partnered with B&H for all computer and technical requirements and queries. They are a well-known and established company and are up-to-date with current specs and performance. Our contact is Baruch Berman and he can be contacted at Mention Design Alive when you speak to him.
PLEASE NOTE: Do not call the company directly but email Baruch for a call back:
Disclaimer : You are under no obligation to purchase a computer from Baruch and would advise doing your own research before buying. We are not recommending you buy a computer from BH and Design Alive does not profit in any way by sending students to him.

thanks for the info about B&H.

Is the Dell an XPS or inspiron?
The XPS body is metal and will last longer
where as the inspiron is a cheaper body and not as strong

I agree that 8GB RAM is too little for anything - 16gb is much better… and you wrote that you are looking for a laptop but honestly if you have where to put it i wld highly recommend rather to get a desktop! so much easier to work on and obviously more screen real estate

I know a desktop is better… I am waiting until I can redo my husband’s office to fit another desk:)
adina- thanks for that info about xps-