My favorite Interior design Podcasts + You tube

Podcasts are an amazing way to learn and understand about almost any topic.

Here is a list of podcasts that are made for Interior designers.

If you have your own business or looking to branch out I would recommend you take a listen. There’s a wealth of knowledge to learn about how to run an Interior design business. In addition, to be being a free recoruce- many of these podcasts and You tube recommendations have products or services geared to make your life as an Interior design owner easier. Many offer templates or coaching to get you to the next level.

Never stop learning…

Designer Oasis by Kate Bendewald
Interior design business by Terri Taylor
The Interior Collective by IDCO studio
The Interior Design Business CEO by Desi Creswell

You TUube
30x40 design
Sophie Patterson
Karin Bohn
Studio McGee

Let me know your favourite

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Thank you for sharing Miri!
This is a very useful to keep our fellow designers in with current trends.