Motion Graphics Name

Hi! I want to create a name for myself. Originally I thought I would do “blank” Media, but now I’m wondering if media is the right name for motion graphics. I’m afraid media will bring up the wrong idea of what i do. Photography is media, videography, music ect… Would “blank” animation be better?

Would love to hear your thoughts!

I think blank makes it sound like not much interest going on? Kind of like - what are you being for purim this year? blank. would sound like nothing.
What other options do you have in mind?
what about something with motion?

Sorry for sounding confusing!
I wouldn’t actually use “blank”. That was just a place filler. I was more asking about the word media or animation, or maybe even film…?
For example if I chose the name Sharp, would it be best, Sharp Media, Sharp Animation or Sharp Film?

Media to me sounds like a marketing group. If you use media the first “blank” word you use should have to do with motion. Ex. motion media which I think is an existing company…

There’s Blinq Media, Mint Media etc. so that word for video doesn’t bother me at all, I think it sounds the most professional from them all!

got it with the blank now :slight_smile: sorry was slow there!
I dont think media is a problem to use, I think the word media means mass communication-which is what your videos will IYH do :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone!!