Mogrt error

I have an issue with importing mogrt in premiere
lately when I’ve been selecting them I get an error message saying ‘motion graphics template is corrupt’
does anyone have experience with this issue?
I used these templates in the past and they were ok…
thanks in advance…

see screenshot

check you are working in the same version?

I also had some issues now working with a MOGRT file. I just converted it to an after affects file. It may not be the easiest option but it worked for me.

yes, used it in this version already…

what do you mean you converted it?
can you explain me exactly how and what you did?

Open it in After Effects
Resave it as a mogrt
and retry

I actually just work with it in after affects and then take it in to premiere, but I need to work on every scene separately

Thanks so much for your help!!!