Membership sign in plugin

Hi! Does anyone know of a good WP plugin for member sign in? Retains information, form signatures? Possibly one that has automations set up with reminders to sign a form, etc.

I don’t think membership plugins usually include form signatures, if you mean actual signatures?

Restrict Content Pro is a popular one.

If you give more details on what you need to achieve, it could be people would have different recommendations.

For example, a member can fill out volunteer forms and sign agreements- once they do it, they don’t need to do it again, it’ll all stay in their member portal

The members need to access it, or website admin?
Is the information sensitive?
Is there anything else they’re getting, or just forms/agreements?

The members would be able to access it- it would save their information so that next time they volunteer to help out at the organizations event, that info would be saved already and they can go just reserve a spot- I guess they’d sign in and then the form wouldn’t require them to fill out all the extra info?

Would a crm do the job?

I don’t think CRMs are usually client-facing, but there might be other premade software you could use, within the industry the client is in.