Media Queries

What are the 2 main points that you for sure need to create a media query at?

There isn’t really a set answer for that. It also depends on the environment you are working in. Usually, if you’re working with, say, a responsive theme or page builder, and you’re writing custom media queries, you’re better off if you match theirs.

What kind of situation are you looking to apply this to?

Idk if this is relevant, but in my custom themes, I typically do desktop as 1280+. I’ll sometimes have a few others where needed, usually either 480/600/768/960. And at 1920 I bump up the font sizes.

I meant whats the basic breaking points for a tablet and mobile…
But now I’m a little confused by all your numbers!

Can you explain a little better please?
What size should we be creating our site at to begin with?
Thanks @peninah_adler

tablet 768px
mobile 480px

for desktop I create wide margins 14% so that it can fit to most screen sizes (1366px)

@smargolies It really depends on if you are using a page builder or something with an opinionated design or not :slight_smile:

Can you give some detail as to where this question is coming from? That might help.