Master page not applied properly

Can anyone help me with this issue?

what is the issue? where it says Pg. R it should say Pg. 38?
Did it somehow get over-ridden - did you try to reapply the master page to that page?
in your pages panel, does it show that page as p.38 as expected?

sorry I forgot to specify, the dot on top of the o moves away. This happens to almost every master that needs a dot or line above the alphabet.

Shouldn’t the O with a dot on top be a glyph?

I only found 1 out of 7
is there any way for me to create one and add it to the glyphs?

is your text box big enough to carry all the double digit numbers?

@schlomithsassoon I’m not sure I understand what you mean…

if your text box is big enough for let’s say the number one and then you get to page 10, it’s not showing properly because it gets cut off. text overflow. so make sure the box is big enough and hopefully all the text within will show up. i am not sure why glyph would not show up

oh, not at all, its only i small portion of the page, my issue is that the dot on top of the “o” moves away.

The dot is probably moving because the page numbers are taking up more place - page 39 is taking up more space than page R - so everything is moving more to the right but your dot is not moving along with it. I think you should probably use a font that comes with all the glyphs you need.

@AMiller thanks! this makes sense! And about using a diff font, this is for a school and they had specifications about the font and this was literally the only font that checked all the boxes.

you may want to try a workaround and set the O to have a tab before it so it remains in a fix place or to try right aligned… ie a solution that doesnt reply on the O moving according to the page number changing. Let me know if this is clear

I would try and see if I can find an appropriate font that has all the glyphs, like I mentioned before. Or I was thinking if maybe you can make the dot (or line) an anchored object to the O, or another workaround, like @zippy said.

Maybe these can work?

Will the t be a problem?
This has a better t.

thanks so much, @zippy and @AMiller, I’m going to check out both options, but the easiest for me would be to add custom glyphs as this book is done and it has 25 lessons. Would anyone know if this is possible?